Object Model help files for CorelDRAW 9 suite

As you might know, CorelDRAW 9 contains Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) included in the package. Visual Basic is standard automation tool widely used worldwide. There are a lot of advantages of VBA. First of all, it supports hierarchical object model structure, i.e. there are a lot of different objects, each of them controlling certain part of application. For example, Application object is responsible for general application-related actions (for instance, the number of open documents, making the application window visible, shutting down the application and so on). Document object controls each document open in the application. Accessing different properties and methods of the document object, you can save, export or print the document, get its name, set different ruler units, etc). There are a lot of other objects like Page, Layer, Shape, etc... You don't need to preselect an object before changing its properties. You can access them randomly now. This feature only speeds up the script execution greatly...

Everything is great except ... there's no documentation supplied so far. I don't think we should blame Corel for that, though. The decision to include VBA with CorelDRAW 9 was made only about 3 months prior to releasing the product. Therefore, engineers even didn't have a chance to finish object model for the application (the work on it continues and later builds/revisions will have more objects and methods), not saying about documenting what is done. I believe that when the object model will be finalized, the documentation will be released too. Till then, we should rely on Object Browser in VBA that lists all objects and properties with short (one line) descriptions of them. Unfortunately it is not too comfortable to look for help in VBA's Object Browser. That's why I created a small utility that generates a Help file from a Type Library. (Type Library is a file which contains a description of all objects, their properties and methods. In fact, it is the Type Library file which is browsed by VBA's Object Browser). I think reading help file is much easier. But don't expect it to contain more information than included in the type library itself. The utility also puts some "template" data like a placeholder text for adding examples of usage, description of return values of functions and so on...

So, if you need the help reference for object models of CorelDRAW 9 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9, just download the files below and enjoy! Any feedback is welcome!

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