How to create a new GMS module?

Creating a new GMS file is easy. To create an empty GMS file do the following:

1. Go to the GMS folder in Draw or Paint installation. (If CorelDRAW suite is installed into C:\Program Files\Corel\Graphic10, then the folder will be located under C:\Program Files\Corel\Graphic10\Draw\GMS or (...\Graphics10\Photopnt\GMS) folder:

2. Create an empty new file. Right click on the folder contents in Windows Explorer and choose New>Text Document.

3. Rename the new document. Give the file any name you want with ".gms" extension, for example, "MyNewMacros.gms"

4. Launch CorelDRAW (or Photo-Paint) and go to Visual Basic Editor (press Alt-F11).

5. In VBA Editor find the new project in Project Explorer. It will have the name similar to this: "GlobalMacros (MyNewMacros.gms)".

6. With the project item selected in Project Explorer, go to Properties docker (if it is not visible, press F4 to show it).

7. In the "(Name)" field, change the name of the project from "GlobalMacros" to something more suitable (note that you cannot use spaces or any other symbols except for letters and numbers here). It could be "MyNewMacros".

8. Press Ctrl-S to save changes to the GMS file.

Now you have an empty GMS file ready to use. Add your macros to it and you are done.

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