CurveEffects macro module

This GMS module includes 4 macros that apply different effects to curve objects. The macros are:

  • Close Shape
  • Create Tangents
  • Distort Curve
  • Roughen

Below is the description of each macro.

Close Shape

Close Shape macro closes any open subpath in the curve by fining closest ending nodes of other subpaths and connecting/joining them. Note that the individual curve elements must be parts of the same curve, i.e. you must combine any curve parts you want to connect into a single closed path. Here is an example of Close Shape macro result:

Create Tangents

This simple macro creates all possible lines that are tangential to the selected curve, given the angle of the lines. To illustrate this, see the following screenshot:

So you enter an angle and the macro draws all possible lines that are tangents to the selected curve.

Distort Curve

This effect is a really simple one but it could produce quite good results. The macro moves each node in the curve at random distance in random direction. Yes, that's it! Here is an example of the distortion the macro produces:


Like Distort Curve effect, Roughen distorts curves. However the way it does this is completely different. The resulting curve looks very much like as if a random Zipper Distortion was applied to it:

But unlike Zipper Distortion, Roughen is not node dependent. Zipper Distortion adds equal number of nodes to each curve segments, then moves the nodes randomly. So, if the distance between original nodes varies, so does the final look of the distorted curve. Roughen is much more smooth and uniform. Compare this:

The original curve in the example above has non-uniform node distribution. The middle node is much closer to the right node than to the left. And as a result, right segment has more "wave density" when Zipper Distortion is applied to it then the left segment. Roughen effect produces uniform result...

Download CurveEffects macros for CorelDRAW 11/12/X3/X4:

Download CurveEffects macros for CorelDRAW 10:

See installation instructions.

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