User Interface Extension Library 2.0 description

The User Interface Extension Library 2.0 contains the following function and procedures:


  • EnumSystemFonts - retrieves the number of installed fonts of given type (TTF, T1, Raster).
  • GetFontName - retrieves the name of specific font

Color preview:

  • MakeColor - creates a 1x1 pixel bitmap with the pixel of specified color.
  • MakeColor2 - creates 1x2 pixel bitmap with specified color for each pixel.
  • MakeColor4 - creates 2x2 pixel bitmap with specified color for each pixel.


  • BeginImage - creates an empty bitmap of specified dimensions in memory to be used as canvas for all subsequent drawing operations
  • EndImage - saves the current canvas to BMP file and frees memory.
  • PutPixel - sets the specified pixel to the given color
  • GetPixel - retrieves color of specified pixel
  • ImageLine, ImageLineEx - draws a line between two points of given width and color
  • ImageRectangle, ImageRectangeEx - draws a hollow rectangle of given width and color
  • ImageFillRect, ImageFillRectEx - draws a filled rectangle of given color
  • ImageRoundRect, ImageRoundRectEx - draws a hollow rectangle with round corners
  • ImageFillRoundRect, ImageFillRoundRectEx - draws a filled rectangle with round corners
  • ImageEllipse, ImageEllipseEx - draws a hollow ellipse
  • ImageFillEllipse, ImageFillEllipseEx - draws a filled ellipse
  • ImagePolyline, ImagePolylineEx - draws a number of line segments connecting the specified number of points
  • ImageFillPolyline, ImageFillPolylineEx - draws a filled polygon based on specified number of points
  • ImageTextOut - draws a text string of given text, font face, size style and color
  • ImageGetTextSize - retrieves the size in pixels of given text string and text attributes
  • ImageMoveTo - moves the pen to the given position
  • ImageLineTo, ImageLineToEx - draws a straight line to the given point
  • ImageBezierTo, ImageBezierToEx - draws a bezier curve to the given point
  • ImageBeginPath - starts a new path
  • ImageEndPath - ends a path
  • ImageAbortPath - discards the current path
  • ImageSavePath - saves the path
  • ImageLoadPath - restores the path
  • ImageCloseShape - closes the current shape in the path
  • ImageFillPath, ImageFillPathEx - fills the path
  • ImageStrokePath, ImageStrokePathEx - strokes the path
  • ImageSelectClipPath - selects the current path as a clipping path
  • ImageGetClipBox - get the bounding box of the current clipping region
  • ImageResetClipRegion - discards the clipping region
  • ImageSolidFill - sets the current fill as a solid color
  • ImageHatchFill - sets the current fill as a hatched pattern
  • ImageBitmapFill - sets the current fill as a bitmap pattern
  • ImageOutline - sets the current outline properties
  • ImageSetROP2 - set the raster operation for successive drawing function calls
  • ImageDrawBitmap - draws a bitmap
  • ImageDrawIcon - draws an icon
  • ImageDrawEMF - draws an EMF file
  • ImageDrawWMF - draws a WMF file
  • ImageLoadImageList - loads an image list from BMP file
  • ImageDrawImageList - draws an image from the current image list

Download UI Extension Library 2.0 now! (68K)

Legal Disclaimer

The UI Extension Library 2.0 for CorelSCRIPT can be used and distributed with cusom scripts freely providing that the scripts are not commercial products. Any commercial usage of the library without the author's permission is strictly prohibited. Contact me in case you need the library to be included in a commercial product.

The Library contains the DLL file, SCPRTL20.DLL, CorelSCRIPT include file SCPRTL20.CSI, and online help files SCPRTL20.HLP and SCPRTL20.CNT that can be linked to CorelSCRIPT Editor and used in conjunction with it like other Corel SCRIPT files. To install the help into your CorelSCRIPT Editor, just run script included in the library archive and follow the instructions. Once installed, you can access context help on the library functions by pressing F1 in the CorelSCRIPT Editor.

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