User Interface Extension Library Usage Example 4.

This example demonstrates the usage of MakeColor... functions to create simple color samples.

demo4.gif (4507 bytes)

First color swatch is created by MakeColor procedure. The second swatch is created by MakeColor2, the third - with MakeColor4.

SUB BuildPreview
	MakeColor ImageFile$,r1,g1,b1
	MainDialog.Color1.SetImage ImageFile$
	MakeColor2 ImageFile$,r2,g2,b2,(r1+r2)\2,(g1+g2)\2,(b1+b2)\2
	MainDialog.Color2.SetImage ImageFile$
	MakeColor4 ImageFile$,r1,g1,b1,r2,g2,b2,r3,g3,b3,(r1+r2+r3)\3,(g1+g2+g3)\3,(b1+b2+b3)\3
	MainDialog.Color3.SetImage ImageFile$

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