Oberon ScriptExpert Wizard

Each time you create a new script you have to type several common blocks over and over again. Main dialog, about box, batch file processing... This is only a short list of common blocks usually present in many scripts. Of course, you can take one of your previous scripts, and edit it to suit your new demands, but this is still time consuming because you have to clean up unneeded code from the previous script.

Oberon ScriptExpert Wizard is a program that generates script base automatically depending on the options you choose. After the base is generated, you just add several line of code to finish the script and here you are - the script is complete!

ScriptExpert Wizard can automatically generate code for:

  • Main script dialog, a dynamic CorelSCRIPT dialog with OK/Cancel buttons and the event handler.
  • About dialog with info about the author of the script and automatic Email and Web access support.
  • Progress bar dialog to visualize script progress.
  • Automatic file batch processor.
  • CorelDRAW/PHOTO-PAINT support with automatic document checking and CorelDRAW object processing.
  • UI Extension Library support.
  • Color selector.

Generate scripts in four easy steps! Click here to see screenshots of Oberon ScriptExpert Wizard.

Download Oberon ScriptExpert Wizard (also includes UI Extension Library):

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