Learning CorelSCRIPT

Generally, a script is a computer program that performs a series of application instructions. Scripts are used to automate repetitive tasks or simplify complicated actions, but they can also interact with the user.

A Corel script is a plain text file that lists the Corel SCRIPT commands that will perform a particular task. Most of these commands are used to interact with certain applications such as CorelDRAW or Corel VENTURA.

In order to simplify syntax of script commands, their names are usually based on the corresponding application's menu commands. For example, FileImport imports a picture into current CorelDRAW document (menu command File, Import), or PageInsertPages adds blank pages to the active document in CorelVENTURA (menu command Page, Insert Page(s)).

The rest of the Corel SCRIPT programming language is based on the BASIC programming language. If you're already familiar with a version of BASIC, you'll find the Corel SCRIPT programming language easy to read and understand.

Computer programming experience isn't a prerequisite for using Corel Script to create and edit scripts. However, the more knowledge, experience, and desire you have to delve into the mechanics of your application, the more you'll be able to take advantage of using Corel SCRIPT.

Here you can find some useful information to assist you in scripting. Tips and tricks, CorelSCRIPT tutorial, sample scripts and script templates are what you really need to improve your scripting techniques and become an expert. Make the computer do the boring work for you!

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