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SecuriDesign Tutorial: Lesson 2

Creating a simple border

Borders are very important design parts of a document such as a certificate. SecuriDesign allows you to create borders of various complexity and different types. A generic technique of creating full border consists of creating only horizontal or vertical part of the border, then duplicate and rotate its parts to assemble the whole border rectangle. Then using CorelDRAW's Trim features, seam the corners.

In this lesson we will create a simple border that will illustrate how to do this.

  1. Create a new document in CorelDRAW.
  2. Set the current units of measurement to Millimeters (in the Property Bar).
  3. Draw a straight horizontal line (use Ctrl modifier with the Freehand Tool to constrain line direction). Make the line 100 mm wide.
  4. With the line selected, start Contour Generator.
  5. On the Contour tab of the dialog enter the following values:
    • Function: Sin
    • Units: mm
    • Frequency: 3
    • Amplitude: 3
    • Offset: 0
  6. Click Create New Contour Curve button.
  7. Now without closing the dialog, change the following settings:
    • Function: Env4
    • Frequency: 4
    • Offset: 4
  8. Click Create New Contour Curve button again.
  9. Now one more contour line to create. Again, without closing the dialog change these settings:
    • Amplitude: -3
    • Offset: -4
  10. Create the third contour by clicking Create New Contour Curve button once again.
  11. Close the dialog. Now you have the following shapes in the drawing:

  12. The first contour line we created in step 6 is the middle wavy curve. The second curve created in step 7 is at the top. Finally, the third curve created in step 9 is the bottom one.
  13. Select the first and the second curves and launch Pattern Generator.
  14. On the Pattern tab of the dialog change the following settings:
    • Amplitude: 80
    • Series: 8
    • Check the Outline Color box and choose Red color by clicking on the color button
  15. Click Create/Modify Pattern button and close the dialog. Now our border should look as follows:

  16. Now select the first and third contour curves. If you cannot pick the first contour but the pattern gets selected instead, click it with Alt key depressed. This should help. If not, zoom in at the line closer and select it. Start Pattern Generator again.
  17. Set the following parameters in the dialog:
    • Amplitude: 80
    • Series: 8
    • Check the Outline Color box and choose Green color by clicking on the color button
  18. Click Create/Modify Pattern button and close the dialog again. Now the border should be almost complete:

  19. You can delete the original line we created in step 3.
  20. Select all the objects comprising the border element and group them together.
  21. Duplicate the border and flip it vertically. You should have the following two elements:

  22. Rotate the bottom border part by 90 clockwise and align the two elements by their upper left corners:

  23. Zoom in at the very intersection (corner) of the border to be and draw a straight line at 45 from top-left to bottom-right direction (shown in blue on the following image):

  24. Add two line segments to the line to make a triangle out of it. Make sure to cover one of the element's corner:

  25. Select the triangle and go to Arrange>Shaping>Trim menu in CorelDRAW. Make sure that in Shaping docker "Leave Source Object(s)" option is checked and "Leave Target Object(s)" is unchecked.
  26. Click Trim button in the docker and point to the horizontal part of the border. It should remove the corner of the border that was enclosed in the triangle:

  27. Switch to the Shape tool, select the lower left node of the rectangle and drag it to the top-right to cover the corner of the vertical part of the border:

  28. Repeat the trim procedure on the vertical bar and delete the triangle because we don't need it anymore. The result is nice border corner:

Repeat this procedure on remaining two sides and three corners.

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