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SecuriDesign Tutorial: Lesson 1

Creating a simple rosette

A rosette is one of the basic design elements used in security printing. The logo that use can see in the upper left corner of this page uses a rosette in its background. Usually a rosette consists of several envelope curves with some pattern fill in between.

To create a rosette do the following steps in CorelDRAW 10 or 11:

  1. Create a new document
  2. Set current units of measurements to millimeters (use the property bar to set the units)
  3. Pick the Ellipse tool and create a circle in the middle of the page and set its size to 100 mm x 100 mm:

  4. With the circle selected launch Contour Generator by clicking "Contour" button on SecuriDesign toolbar.
  5. In the Contour dialog enter the following settings:
    • Function: Cos
    • Frequency: 8
    • Amplitude: 15 mm
    • Offset: 12 mm
  6. Click Create New Contour Curve button
  7. Now without closing the Contour Generator dialog change the following settings:
    • Frequency: 4
    • Amplitude: -15 mm
    • Offset: -12 mm
  8. Click Create New Contour Curve button again.
  9. Close the dialog by pressing Close button. The following shapes should be in CorelDRAW document now:

  10. Now select the two contour shapes that we just created and launch Pattern Generator.
  11. On the Pattern tab of the dialog change the following parameters from their default values:
    • Frequency: 8
    • Amplitude: 90
    • Series: 15
    • Phase Offset: -12
    • Phase Coverage: 70
  12. Click Create/Modify Pattern button.
  13. Close the dialog by clicking the Close button.
  14. Select the original circle that you created in step 3 and delete it.
  15. The rosette is done:

You can play with various contour and pattern parameters to see how they affect the final result. Note that Pattern Generator can update the pattern you've just created if you apply the pattern once again without closing the dialog (the old pattern is deleted and a new is created). This is a good way of trying the final design without having to recreate it from scratch in case you are not satisfied with its looks after creating the pattern.

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