Oberon Function Plotter - Function Gallery

Here you can find sample projects created with Oberon Function Plotter. You can download the project files (*.fpp) for each sample to open in Oberon Function Plotter and experiment with it.

Most images and project files are courtesy Erik Vestergaard.

hyperbola.fpp (1.4 KB)
ellipse.fpp (0.7 KB)
parabola.fpp (0.7 KB)
Gabriel Lamé Curve
lame.fpp (1.0 KB)
Superellipse of Pien Hein
superellipse.fpp (0.8 KB)
lemniscate.fpp (0.9 KB)
Cassini Oval 1
cassini_oval1.fpp (0.8 KB)
Cassini Oval 2
cassini_oval2.fpp (0.8 KB)
Cassini Oval 3
cassini_oval3.fpp (1.6 KB)

The Astroid
astroid.fpp (1.0 KB)

Folium of Descartes 1
folium1.fpp (1.0 KB)
Folium of Descartes 2
folium2.fpp (0.9 KB)
The Witch of Agnesi
witch_of_agnesi.fpp (0.9 KB)
strophoid.fpp (0.8 KB)

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