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Working with Languages

Calendar Wizard 3 supports unlimited number of languages that can be added to it as needed. The standard installation comes with support for 13 languages:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English (including some holidays for US, Canada, and UK).
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian (with some holidays)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Ukrainian

To add a new language to Calendar Wizard, just click New button next to the language list and enter day and month names as they appear in the required language and click Add/Modify button. You can also specify the first day of the week in the main dialog of Calendar Wizard as well as holidays. These settings are stored along with the language and will be available next time you select the language from the list.

When generating calendars in languages that use scripts other than Latin, there might be some problems rendering the text in CorelDRAW. The problem occurs because CorelDRAW uses language settings to identify the character set to use. There is no way currently to specify the language from VBA, therefore the text may be created in wrong code page as in example shown below. The calendar was generated in Russian language.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to set Russian as default language for CorelDRAW before running Calendar Wizard by using Text>Writing Tools>Language menu command:

Note that the language must be installed in CorelDRAW first. To ensure that you select the language that is installed, click "Show available languages only" checkbox. Also check "Save as default Writing Tools language" and all further calendars for this language should be generated correctly.

Once you set the correct language as default, delete the calendar that was generated incorrectly and re-generate it.

If a lot of modifications was made to calendar settings and they are not saved, re-generating the calendar might not be the best way to go. For this purpose, another macro comes with Calendar Wizard.

To fix the text without re-generating the calendar follow the following steps:

  1. Select the calendar and choose Arrange>Ungroup All command in CorelDRAW
  2. Go to Text>Writing Tools>Language and apply the correct language to the selected text objects.
  3. With all the objects still selected, run the second macro ("Fix Calendar Fonts") by clicking on the wrench button on Calendar Wizard toolbar or by running it through Play Macro dialog in Tools>Visual Basic menu:
  4. Click OK in the message box to confirm that you want to process the text objects.

Note, running Fix Calendar Fonts macro will remove any text formatting that you might have changed in the text objects (font face, size, style, etc). The text will have the same font for the whole object.

The result of this macro will be a corrected calendar text:

Please note that this approach will work only with Unicode fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman. If you want to use non-Unicode fonts in the calendar, you will have to replace the fonts manually after the calendar is generated. If you attempt to create text in non-Unicode font with Calendar Wizard, CorelDRAW will use its default font instead ("AvantGarde Bk BT" by default).

Other Limitations and Comments

  • When previewing calendars generated in different languages, Calendar Wizard uses the default system character set to determine the code page for fonts. Thus, if you want to generate calendar in Greek, for instance, you need to set your current regional settings to "Greece" in Windows Control Panel and make sure you install screen fonts for that language. This applies to the preview window only, and the fonts should still appear correctly in CorelDRAW. However Calendar Wizard uses Windows font metrics to position text precisely, therefore if the correct information is not available at the time of calendar generation, text might appear a little misaligned or shifted.
  • Algorithms for calculating Moon phases are quite precise (within a couple minutes throughout the 3,500 year span for which the program can generate calendars), however keep in mind that all calculations are performed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and if you live in different time zone, a moment of precise moon phase might appear in another calendar day in your area. Therefore, make sure you have the correct time zone set in Windows (the time zone to be set should be the same as the time zone of the country/region the calendar is supposed to be used in). However generally speaking, even one day difference in moon phase event won't make much difference for most people. The moon will still look virtually the same :-)

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