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Working with Languages

Oberon Calendar Wizard 4.1 can generate calendars in many languages. The standard installation includes the following languages:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Galician
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Ukrainian

Other languages can be easily added by providing the names of months and days of week in a particular language.

Each language can have several locales defined. A locale is a geographic area which shares some common settings such as week definition (first day of week, and the first week of year), weekend definition (which days of week are treated as a weekend) and a set of holidays/events.

A language/locale combination determines the language properties of a calendar layout. For example, French (France) and French (Canada) will have different week definitions and different sets of holidays.

Calendar Wizard includes the following locales:

  • English: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, North Ireland
  • Danish: Denmark
  • French: France, Canada
  • Galician: Spain
  • German: Germany
  • Italian: Italy
  • Russian: Russia
  • Spanish: Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica
  • Ukrainian: Ukraine

These locales have some holidays/special dates already preset for your convenience.

The default locales for remaining languages (Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish) do not currently have holiday information but this can be easily added by the user as well as new locales can be defined for any language.

To edit language properties or to add a new language, the Language tab of the main Calendar Wizard dialog must be used:

The options in Customize Language Settings specify the language/locale information for the current layout. You can edit the language information for one layout only without affecting the language presets or other calendar projects.

Week Starts On specifies the first day of week for the locale. Most countries use Monday or Sunday as the first day.

Week #1 With defines the first week of the year. Some countries define the week #1 as the week which contains January 1st of a year. Majority of European countries consider week #1 as the week which contains the most day of the year, that is the week which contains January 4th. In some cases the first full week of a year is considered the week #1, that is the week which contains January 7th.

Weekend Days specifies the set of week days which should be treated as a weekend. Weekend days can be highlighted in special style in many calendar layouts.

When this button is clicked, a week set selection dialog appears:

To edit the names of the months or weeks, click Edit Language... button. The Language Properties dialog will appear:

The Default Character Set specifies the set of characters used in the particular language. Most Latin-based languages use "Western" character sets. Baltic languages, Central European, Eastern European, Greek and Turkish languages use different character sets.

Calendar Wizard does not support Asian languages which are based on multi-byte character sets. Correct functioning of the program is not guaranteed in this case.

If you want to save the current language and/or locale information as a preset to be used later in other layouts, you can click Save... button. This will bring up the following dialog:

Specify the language and/or locale name to save the information to and whether you want to save the language data, locale information or both.

You can use any of the language/locale presets which are shipped with Calendar Wizard to be used in your calendar layouts. For this, pick the Language and Locale combination from Language Presets lists and click the Apply button. This will overwrite the current language/locale settings in the layout with those form the preset.

If you want to create a set of new languages or locales or if you want to manage the existing language presets, then just click the Edit... button in the Language Presets group. You will see the Edit Language Presets dialog which allows you to create, edit and delete languages and locales:

Creating new or editing existing language data will bring the Language Properties dialog shown above.

As soon as you pick a language from the list on the left, the Locales list will be populated with the locales defined for the selected language. To create a new locale, click the New... button. To edit the properties of the existing locale, click Edit...

This will bring the Locale Properties dialog:

Which has information similar to that specified in the main Calendar Wizard dialog for the current layout locale.

In order to specify the holidays and special dates for a locale, you need to click on Edit Events button.

Creating and managing holidays will be explained on the next page.

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