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Calendar Wizard Features

Calendar Wizard 4.2 has the following key features:

  • Works with CorelDRAW 10, 11, 12, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 and Corel DESIGNER 10/12
  • Automatically generate calendars for any year between 1583 and 4000.
  • 32 Calendar Layouts
  • Combine "hanging" dates of 6th week with 5th (e.g. 23/30).
  • Display days of previous/next month in empty cells of calendar grids
  • Display mini-calendars for previous/next months in unused cells of calendar grid or in the calendar title
  • Place week numbers on calendar grids
  • Number of the day in the year and/or number of days left till the end of the year can be displayed on calendar grids
  • Generate a calendar in the current CorelDRAW document, new document, or inside a selected rectangle object in CorelDRAW.
  • Support for unlimited number of languages and unlimited number of locales within a single language definition (e.g. English/US, English/UK, English/Australia)
  • Per-locale calendar settings (first day of week, first week of the year)
  • Per-locale sets of holidays/events
  • 7 types of holiday date definition:
    • Recurring weekly (e.g. every Monday)
    • Recurring monthly (e.g. the second day of every month)
    • Fixed date (e.g. August, 27th)
    • Recurring week of month (e.g. last Sunday of every month)
    • Specific week day of a month (e.g. 3rd Friday of March)
    • Day of year (e.g. 72nd day of year or 37 day before the end of year)
    • Relative (e.g. 2 weeks before Christmas or 1 month before Vernal Equinox). You can base one event definition on another which in turn can be based on other event(s)
  • Conditional holiday date definition (e.g. if a holiday falls on Sunday, move it to the next Monday)
  • More than 1 holiday/event definitions per day
  • Define multiple event categories in each locale so they can be handled as a group (e.g. Public holidays, Religious holidays, Family birthdays, etc)
  • Full customization of fonts, line styles and colors
  • Each cell can have no background, solid color background or gradient fill (smooth transition between colors)
  • Cells can have cusp or round corners
  • Independent font, color, border and background definitions for regular calendar cells, for weekends and holidays
  • Save/load projects with all settings so you can store your calendar design to be recalled later or to share them with friends or colleagues
  • Save calendar styles/designs as a preset to be recalled quickly by just selecting them from the preset list.
  • Save color/font schemes as calendar formatting styles to be applied to different calendar layouts later

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