Object Replacer script

Use Object Replacer script to replace each selected object with the object copied to clipboard. There are two scripts in the archive - normal and enhanced versions. The enhanced version displays a dialog prompting for additional options:.

You can stretch the replacement object to the dimensions of the object being replaced with or without keeping proportions. This is useful for changing the look of flow charts, etc. as shown on the picture below:

replacer1.gif (1528 bytes) replacer2.gif (1642 bytes)
Before After

Or you can just replace one type of objects with another. Do you create maps and want to change all instances of one symbol with another automatically? Then Object Replacer script is for you.

replacer3.gif (1863 bytes) replacer4.gif (1331 bytes)
Before After

Assign a shortcut key to the normal version of the script in order to have a quick access to it and use it whenever you need...

Download Object Replacer script for CorelDRAW 8:

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