File Converter script

This is batch file converter. You specify source folder and file mask and all files that match the mask will be imported into CorelDRAW 8 in turn and exported to the given file format into the specified destination folder. Due to problems with FileImport and FileExport script commands in earlier versions of CorelDRAW, File Converter script is only available for CorelDRAW 8. It is recommended that you use at least CorelDRAW 8 Rev B (8.369) or even better Rev C (8.433). Earlier versions may issue errors when exporting to certain file formats.

If you need to convert raster images (such as GIFs, TIFs, JPEGs, etc), it is recommended to use Image Converter script which works with Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

Download File Converter script for CorelDRAW 8:

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