Watermark script for Corel Photo-Paint

The watermark script can be used to add a text string to a bunch of photos/images in Photo-Paint. This text could be a copyright notice, watermark or anything else you want. You can control the text position, color and transparency. Optionally you can resample images to fit certain dimensions (e.g. to create downsampled preview images).

Download Watermark script for Photo-Paint:


To install the script, download one of the archives for your version of Corel Photo-Paint and unzip it using WinZip, or any other decompressing utility that can handle ZIP archives. Copy the .CSB file into Photopnt\Scripts\Scripts folder. For example, if you installed Photo-Paint into C:\Program Files\Corel\Graphics10, then you need to copy the .CSB file into "C:\Program Files\Corel\Graphics10\Photopnt\Scripts\Scripts". The included DLL (scprtl20.dll) should be copied into windows\system folder which is C:\Windows\System on Windows 95/98/ME and C:\WinNT\System32 on Windows NT/2000.

After this, you can access the script from Photo-Paint through the Scripts docker (press Ctrl-F6 to open the Scripts docker). Double click the Watermark icon in the docker and the script will be launched.


The downloaded script is a shareware product. It is fully functional however the text being added to the images is replaced with the string "Unregistered". You need to register the script to fully enable it. The registration fee is US$10.00.

Register the script:

The registration is the same for any version of the script.


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