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Remove Intersections
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Cut Curves
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Oberon CurveWorks for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

Oberon CurveWorks is a set of professional quality macros for working with curves in CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER. These macros add some missing CAD features to CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER and help improve document editing workflow.

Now it's possible to do more technical-oriented graphic work without using AutoCAD or other expensive packages.


Oberon CurveWorks 1.3 includes the following components:

  • Remove Overlap and Remove Intersections: remove overlapping areas of a curve:


  • Connect Curves and Join Curves: join open curves together to form a single closed curve:

  • Fuse Curves: joins open curves whose endpoints coincide.
  • Explode: breaks apart curves so each segment becomes an independent curve object.
  • Cut Curves: divides curves at each intersection point:

  • Fillet and Chamfer: create round/beveled corners for any cusp curve node:

  • Cleanup Nodes: removes any overlapping nodes
  • Curve Statistics: reports the total curve length and area as well as other curve information. (New: CurveWorks 1.3 introduces modeless dialog with ability to copy curve statistics data onto the system clipboard as text).

System Requirements

CurveWorks for CorelDRAW 11/12/X3/X4/X5 and Corel DESIGNER 10/12:

A retail version of CorelDRAW 11-X5 or later or Corel DESIGNER 10/12 is required.

You must ensure that Visual Basic for Applications is installed along with CorelDRAW / Corel DESIGNER.

CurveWorks for CorelDRAW 10:

This program requires CorelDRAW 10 Service Pack 1 (10.427) or later. Correct functioning under the original release of CorelDRAW 10 (10.410) is not guaranteed. This program will not run under earlier versions of CorelDRAW.

If you don't have the latest version of CorelDRAW 10, download the service pack(s) from Corel web site: http://www.corel.com/support/ftpsite/pub/coreldraw/draw10suite/index.htm

You have to have Visual Basic for Applications installed to run this program. VBA is not installed by default with CorelDRAW 10 Graphics suite. You need to do a custom installation and choose to install VBA. You can run the VBA install manually by running the vba6.msi installation package from \Corel\Graphics10\Config\Redist\VBA6 folder of the CorelDRAW 10 CD#1.


Download Oberon CurveWorks for the appropriate version of CorelDRAW/DESIGNER by following one of the links below:

Application Version Download File Size Version
CorelDRAW X5 CurveWorks15.zip 343K 1.3
X4 CurveWorks14.zip 347K 1.3
X3 CurveWorks13.zip 342K 1.3
12 CurveWorks12.zip 434K 1.3
11 CurveWorks11.zip 233K 1.2*
10 CurveWorks10.zip 233K 1.2*
Corel DESIGNER 12 CurveWorks12d.zip 460K 1.3
10 CurveWorks10d.zip 235K 1.2*

* - Only older version of CurveWorks (v1.2) is available for CorelDRAW 10, 11 and Corel DESIGNER 10. The Curve Statistics dialog is modal in v1.2 and you must close and reopen each time you need to get curve statistics. In v1.3 the dialog can stay open and its content is automatically updated with the information about currently selected object(s).

If you don't want to use the supplied CurveWorks workspace but instead you would like to add CurveWorks buttons to your existing workspace manually, then you can download the toolbar button icons:


Run the setup program and it should install all the files for you automatically. Make sure that you have VBA installed beforehand. The setup program also creates a new workspace that is automatically made active. You can revert to your previous workspace by just going to Tools>Options>Workspace in CorelDRAW and selecting the workspace that you want.

Launching CurveWorks

To launch Oberon CurveWorks, start CorelDRAW first. If during installation you specified that you wanted to activate CurveWorks workspace in CorelDRAW, you will see a new toolbar and menu section:

You can use various CurveWorks commands by selecting the corresponding buttons in the menu or toolbar or by using the associated shortcut keys.

If you didn't activate the workspace during installation, you still can use CurveWorks by going to Tools>Visual Basic>Play... menu to bring up the VBA Macros dialog:

Select "CurveWorks (CurveWorks15.gms)" item from Macros in list and start the corresponding macro by selecting it in Macro name list and clicking Run button.


Oberon CurveWorks is a shareware product. It is fully functional in the downloaded version however it has an evaluation period of 14 days. You need to register the program to continue using it. The registration fee is US$49.95.

The same registration number can be used to install CurveWorks for all versions of CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER. However no two copies of the software could be used at the same time. Separate licenses must be purchased for different users.

Register CurveWorks online:


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